Dreaming of mountains
I often dream of two mountains
They walk toward each other.
They merge.
They exist simultaneously, independently,
together and separately.
Mountains are always within me.
In me.
I am of them and the Earth.
Of rivers and oceans.
Of the stars, the planets, galaxies, and consciousness.
As we dream with the Earth
We re-member how to work together.

Day and night are aligned after the stars and the planets. How can we not look at them to ask ancient questions? To remember connections. To heal.

To reconnect with our natural                     movement.

To rest. To think about the relationship between life and death, and death and life. To be grateful to the Earth. To work with the light. The abundance of the Earth.

The abundance of the planets and the stars. To align ourselves to our natural movement. To imagine alternatives based on spirituality. That spirituality understands human consciousness to be the transfer of energy between humans, and between humans and the non-human world. With no supremacist narrative. I believe in the power of fullness and connections. There are no such things as a one or a new idea. However, we can re-member connections of beauty and Earthly abundance and natural movements synchronous with our chosen ancestors.

My work via images, natural sounds, handheld camera movements, writing with the camera, sustainable or minimal printing methods is in honor and in gratitude of the work and healing of Audre Lorde, Gloria Anzaldúa, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, Muriel Rukeyser, Agnes Varda, Edward Yang, Chantal Akerman, Lucrecia Martel, Pier Paolo Pasolini, and Mitzki… along with water, the wind, fire, and earth.

My work is motivated by the many questions and dreams I had as a child. The same questions and dreams that I recognized in our sensitive and creatively driven youth. The sensitive individuals that reject gender binaries denounce white supremacist capitalist patriarchy that manipulates mass culture. Dreams that old and wise women are dreaming for us. I dedicate my work towards imagining and committing to intimate revolutions and daily practices of liberation art.

My art practice is to experiment with images, sounds, and words to re-member intimately sustainable methods of working with the Earth. My legacy is to make art with intention of re-member-ing collective healing practices as I heal from my formally forced undocumented identity. As I challenge the identity of queer – I learn to be more comfortable identifying as a sensitive and gentle poet. A scholar and artist who questions what it means to be interdisciplinary and dares to question what is possible if we explore space beyond disciplines and categories. I am an artist, filmmaker, photographer, and teacher.